3rd & 4th FLOORS
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Family Suite for four persons shared bathroom1 room available

The family room comes with a queen size bed and two bunk beds, this room is suitable for parents and two youngsters to spend their time in Bangkok.

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Four bunk beds with shared bathroom5 rooms available

Two adults and two children, or four adults, will find this a comfortable room as it has plenty of living space.

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Six bunk beds with shared bathroom4 rooms available

Our hostel-style room has plenty of space for six people, and so is suitable either for a large family or a group of friends.

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Six bunk beds ladies dorm with balcony and bathroom1 room available

The en suite bathroom provides extra privacy for a large family, or a group of friends travelling together, and the room has plenty of living space.

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Eight bunk beds with balcony and en suite bathroom1 room available

Up to eight adults can very comfortably stay in this spacious room, the en suite bathroom providing extra privacy and the balcony giving a dreamy view of the city.